What You Need to Know About Paving

You may have been limping along for years with a cracked, crumbling driveway made of asphalt or you may just have a gravel or dirt driveway. Asphalt is neat and clean and also increases your homes value.

Installing asphalt is most definitely not a do it yourself job. It is important to find a qualified asphalt paving contractor, and this may be harder said than done. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Ask people you trust for names of providers they recommend and who would be a good match for your size and type project.
  • Ask homeowners you personally know who share your sense of quality & value, and who have had a recent, successful project.
  • Look at the prospective pavers website. Do they offer a portfolio for review?
  • Find your local BBB office at www.bbb.org – check complaints. Verify license status with state license agency.
  • Remember ALL Pennsylvania Contractors must have a license from the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General.

Patrick Paving & Excavation, Inc. is registered in Pennsylvania as a home improvement contractor – PA009473.

Patrick Paving and Excavation, Inc. is also a member of The Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Local reputation is one of the best ways to find a Contractor!

Beware of dishonest paving contractors

Unfortunately for the honest paving contractor, this profession has a reputation for scams and conmen. This is why Patrick Paving likes to educate the residential customer when giving an estimate.

What (& Who) to Watch Out For:
  • Contractors who find you, rather than you finding them
  • Contractors who say they have leftover asphalt from another job and will cut you a good deal.
  • Contractors who seem to be moving through the area, rather than local, permanent contractors.
  • The contractors mentioned above usually park their equipment in and around shopping malls.

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* List compiled from information at homewyse.com.