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Commercial Asphalt Paving

Patrick Paving & Excavation and his team have the training and knowledge to perform all your commercial asphalt paving projects from asphalt repairs and maintenance to replacement or construction of new asphalt.

Patrick has the experience working with inspectors to general contractors in addition to engineers and reading blueprints.

Why should you pave and maintain your commercial lot?

A well paved lot represents your business. It provides increased safety for your employees and customers and reduced cost for snow maintenance.  When your lot is cracked and has potholes is it not only a safety issue in the snow but also cost more to plow and salt.

Commercial parking lot maintenance is essential. A regular schedule of sealcoating ensures your lot will have it’s longest life. How often you will need to repave your lot depends on the amount of traffic – cars, trucks, large load vehicles, etc. But Patrick Paving starts with an essential stone base to build your lot on a strong foundation from the ground up.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Patrick Paving completed a variety of projects in the Lehigh Valley. Check out our commericial asphalt gallery!

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