Patrick Paving & Excavation, Inc. only uses Sealmaster Products  for your residential or commercial sealcoating project.

Why is commercial & residential sealcoating important?

Sealcoating is a maintenance program that will extend the life of your parking lot or driveway. Commercial & residential sealcoating maintains your asphalt and is essential in prolonging the deterioration of your asphalt from U.V. rays, chemicals and rain. When asphalt is left untreated, oxidation of the asphalt will begin which causes the asphalt to dry and become brittle. This can cause erosion of the top layer and the appearance of small cracks or your asphalt can have a gray color. Sealcoating will leave a nice deep black finish and will add to the appearance of your property. Contact us today to discuss your sealcoating project!

Patrick Paving & Excavation, Inc. does not recommend using oil base products on your asphalt. This will leave a build up over the years that will not be repairable or repaveable. Many layers of oil base sealcoat will crack over time thus leaving the asphalt surface condition not suitable for a overlay of new asphalt.

Sealcoating is a liquid mixed with water, silica sand, polymer additives, and other proprietary fillers and solids. It can be applied by brush, spray, or squeegee. Sealcoating should only be done when the temperatures are a minimum of 50 degrees and rising. It should be allowed to cure for 24 hours or longer with no chance of rain in the forecast.

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